A recent testimonial

Posted by Michael Hill on

To any smoker out there – Try this system out.A week ago I was a 51 year old smoker that started when I was 16 – 35 years of smoking!!!!

I have seen people vapouring around and decided after recovering from blood clots that nearly ended my life - to give it a try. I ordered my kit and have not smoked a cigarette since. I don’t need to smoke. In the past I have tried it all – patches, pills, chewing gum, sprays, cold turkey, hypnotherapy, Allan Carr and countless other things – all failing within hours or a day. This worked from the first puff. 

I have in a week converted my partner, my older brother and sister in law. My doctor is impressed and has asked for the details so that he can recommend the system to his other patients. I still go outside to be social and ‘smoke’ with friends and work mates and I am happy knowing that I can do this with ease and not have to worry about using breath fresheners or my clothes smelling. 

A wonderful system. Thank you so much for a beautifully made product and providing a way of improving my life. Try it out.

Off to convert a few more people. 



Micheal O’Grady

PS I have not been asked to submit a recommendation or review. Just felt I had to do it as a thank you