July 17, 2015

Change of Business Name

As some of you might have noticed we have recently changed our name from E-Cigarettes Australia to Ecigify. The main reason for the change was that we found there were a number of online ecig sites popping up with similar names and variations and on occasions we were being confused with them. There were other reasons as well such as we did not own the com.au address of ecigarettesaustralia and the person that did own it wanted an extortionate amount of money for a web address that he did not use. So the Ecigify name change had been in planning since January. 

So as we are moving premises at the end of July we thought it was the right time to change our trading name. We were going to wait until the actual moving date but when we realised how much was involved in a name change we decided to get cracking on the online portion of the task now rather than later. Our email address will change soon but we still have access to our old email address as well. Our phone numbers will remain unchanged and we still own the old www.ecigarettesaustralia.com url address and if you have that bookmarked or in your favourites it we still bring you to our website. Our Facebook and Youtube pages are a work on progress but will be updated very soon.

The one thing I want to make perfectly clear is that there has been no change of ownership or anything like that, it is a name change and change of address for the brick and mortar store only & very little else will change. For our store customers we will trade at our current address under the E-Cigarettes Australia name until close of business on Friday 31st July and  re-open at the new address with all new Ecigify signage etc. on Monday the 3rd August. As you can see we will only be closed on the Saturday and the new store is much larger and has much more parking and for most of our customers is much closer, the new address is:

9 Percy St
TAS 7018

Google maps above is not quite accurate it has Percy st Correct but it has 9 Percy streets location as somewhere in Queen St, if you drive up Percy St you will find us. 

Over the coming weeks I have no doubt that there will be some things we forget to change and the old E-Cigarettes Australia name will pop up but please be patient as we work over the minor details and changes over the coming weeks.