CE4 Clearomiser

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These little tanks are an oldie but a goodie and a great choice for the first time vapor who wants an easy no fuss tank. They are the easiest and simplest system available to use, they are easy to fill or top up and provide a good solid vape on lower powered batteries. They include no filler for a cleaner flavor & a thicker coil design so they get better with use.

Easy fill system - can be filled directly from your juice bottle, just tilt and fill up to 1.6ml.

Multiple colours available

Mouthpiece inserts and then screws down for a complete seal with an added silicone o-ring on mouthpiece. Completely sealed at base.

Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic

Thick top coil with fat wick. Because of the wide inner tube design the wicks stay wet from natural vaping motions due to small area between outer plastic wall and the inner tube.



Ecigify would never promote or encourage anybody to take up smoking.

Our products are designed to help smokers who cannot give up and those who are trying to quit.