We recommend our New Zealand business for all your nicotine requirements.


WARNING !!!! Nicotine is classified as a poisonous substance. Due to Australian laws we are unable to sell you nicotine directly from our premises and we will never sell nicotine within Australia. However it is well within the law to import nicotine for your own personal use. We are able to provide you that service from our New Zealand website

Our New Zealand business has partnered with one of China's premier E-liquid Companies and can offer either E-liquids with nicotine in ready to vape form or in a 100MG/ML Base Nicotine strength so you can add nicotine to our own Ecigify zero nicotine liquids.

We recommend purchasing either 250ml or 1 litre of the 100MG/ML Base nicotine to add to your favourite Ecigify Zero strength liquids. This gives you more flexibility in what strength you want to mix and will last years so you won't need to be purchasing liquid from overseas each month or so. It also works out to be cheaper in the long run than buying ready to vape nicotine liquids.

250ml of 100MG/ML Base Nicotine will last a minimum 6 months much longer for most vapers

1 litre 100MG/ML Base Nicotine will last a minimum of 2 years much longer for most vapers

Here is a direct link to the 100MG/ML base nicotine product  

However we totally understand if you don't want to mix your own as it can be a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. If you prefer your E-Liquids ready to vape with nicotine already added then we also are offering over 70 premium flavours in your choice of bottle size and nicotine strength from the Ecigify NZ website. All you need to do with these is shake the bottle and fill up your Ecig and your good to go. 

Here is a link to those flavours 

Chart below to help you out with mixing to your target nicotine strength if you go with the 100MG/ML option.



The above chart is relevant only if using the specified products and Ecigify accepts no liability if using other products or if the mixing chart is misinterpreted in any way.

You may need syringes and bottles for mixing they can be found HERE on our Australian Website. 



  • 100MG/ML Nicotine is Toxic if swallowed, if spilt on skin wash the affected are immediately with warm water & Soap. 
  • Always thoroughly clean surfaces after using. 
  • Do not use in the vicinity of Children or Animals. 
  • Try and work near a water supply so you can wash spills up straight away. 
  • Protective gloves should be worn when using high strength nicotine bases
  • Always wash hands thoroughly after use
  • Always store nicotine base and resulting mixes in a high place or locked container away from children and anyone unaware what the bottles contain.