Demon Killer 7 in 1 Voilence Coil Pack

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DEMON KILLER 7 In 1 Violence Coil

This 7 In 1 Violence Coil is made of high quality material. It is very durable and easy to use and offers a stable performance. It's able to work under high temperature thus don't worry about its performance or safety. And it comes in great lifespan and enough for long-time durable usage. Last but not least,it's a bargain price right now! Don't hesitate and miss this great coil pack!

Packing List
4 x alien v2 coils
4 x Tsaka coils
4 x clapcetion coils
4 x framed clapton coils
4 x tri-twisted clapton
4 x spaced clapton coils
4 x staple staggered fused coils
1 x allen key