Team Vape Lab Cotton - 9 Grams

Due to new regulations in Tasmania we cannot display product pictures. However our products are known worldwide, you can find loads of pictures by typing the product name into Google images


Move over Kendo, the new King of Cotton has arrived.

No dry hits - no cotton taste - no pesticides & bleaching agents - high flavor retention - outstanding durability - TVL Cotton is the gold standard of wicking material in the vaping world.

You will receive 9 grams of TVL cultivated vaping cotton- which is enough to keep you tied over for a VERY long time. 

TVL cottons are made out of cultivated organic process, making it an authentic organic cotton with the strongest fibers.

The first ever cultivated cotton technology researched, tested and developed specifically for vapors to bring the very best of flavor and durability in tanks/drippers made by the enthusiast vapers of Team Vape Lab.

This cotton has been lab tested by SIRIM, an internationally accredited premier of industrial research and technology, as free from bleaching agents and pesticides. 

Our foundation goes along our passion as vapors, to encourage a true healthier alternative by vaping non hazardous chemical product.

Suitable for any tanks or drippers. Due to natures toughness, this cotton requires more priming then usual for maximum performance and longevity.