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VapeOnly eGo vCat 650mah Battery

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The VapeOnly vCat 650mah is a higher quality battery then your standard ego's & comes with more features such as their patented button with power level indicator, which ensures you a stable and optimum performance. Four colours for your selection, Black, Steel, Blue & Red.


Size of battery (Length x Diameter): 67.6 x 14.0mm
Working voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
Maximum current: 3.5A

1. Patented button with side glow


2. Full voltage output

3. Full Battery protection function

4. Button with 20K+ pressing durability

5. Voltage indication (Green: >3.9V, Blue:3.6~3.9V, Red: <3.6V)

6. Charges Via any standard eGo USB Charging Cable

Usage of vCat 650mAh Manual Battery
- The vCat 650mAh Manual Battery fits both eGo and 510 threaded cartomizers.
- Five-click lock: Five quick clicks of the button will activate the battery. Another five clicks will inactivate it. LED blinks after when it’s activated or locked.
- Patented button with power level indicator: >3.9V, green LED indicator;3.6V-3.9V, blue LED indicator; <3.6V, red LED indicator.
Simply connect the battery to a standard USB output port through the USB charger to charge the battery. LED light will blink 5 times to 
indicate it starts charging. While charging, it shows green LED if battery voltage is above 4.15V, and shows red if below 4.15V. It takes about 2 hours for a full charge.