This is an outline of how much money can be saved by switching to Electronic Cigarettes.

If you smoke a pack a day of regular cigarettes you will spend in excess of $150 per week.

That's over $7800 per year.

You can buy a Starter kit for under $100 which the batteries will last for 3-6 months depending on use and how well they are looked after.

E-liquid in 30ml containers will last around 10 days under normal use - cost as low as $38.85 for 90ml which will last most people a month. 

The clearomizer is the replaceable part on the E-Cig which at worst you may need to replace 2-3 times a month, most of these you can simply buy replacement coils for, which are as little as $2.00 each.

Factoring in the above and replacing your batteries 3 times a year and you have a total cost per year of around $750

That's a massive saving of over $7000 per year.